Welcome to My Folk Art Paintings!

Browse and shop paintings inspired from Greek folk art and ancient culture, as long as, handmade jewelry and further stone and wood artworks coming soon.

Paintings are available to purchase original or in printed copies on canvas, paper, metal and wood, while some of them can be found in special gift items. Just click on each image to see the details and buying options.

Handmade jewelry are available to purchase on our Etsy.com shop. Please mind that we are keep adding new pieces, so thank you for your patience.

All the original paintings are acrylic on handmade plaster layers, applied on wood board, distressed and varnished, reviving forgotten old times folk art techniques and forms.

All jewelry are made by natural materials such as wood, pebbles or sea glass, painted or carved or pyrographed and crafted by hand.

You can browse our collection through the first page presentation or go directly to specific categories from the menu on the top right.

Have a nice look around!