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Young woman bust painting origin

korh2webThe figure of this painting comes from one of the Milos ancient urns (675-570 BC), and they were called so because the earlier scholars who believed that they were manufactured on Milos island of Greek Cyclades. Now, it is almost certain that they come from Paros island ancient pottery workshops.

Milos urns, as they are still called, represent the most impressive Continue reading “Young woman bust painting origin”

Braided Garlic


Garlic braid painting

Garlic, a protection icon against evil powers and also a symbol of strength and courage, considered to be even a blessing for a new home, as it is alleged to protect from envy and jealousy and also associated with fertility. Continue reading “Braided Garlic”

Greek folk art

The term Greek Folk Art indicates the art that was grew within the 2 latest centuries of the Turkish occupation of Greece (17th-18th centuries) and which was highly influenced by the Byzantium and ancient forms or techniques of art. Continue reading “Greek folk art”

Ancient mythology: Griffins

Flying Griffin is one more painting of our ancient themes section.
Griffin creatures first appear at the Cretan-Minoan period and are well known by Knossos palace frescoes, as well as by other Aegean islands.

The solar symbol is integrated with the chthonic element in these Continue reading “Ancient mythology: Griffins”

Ready for an… ancient-new beach towel?

How about a new beach towel of unique art?

Now, our ancient themes paintings, Blue bird and Flying Griffin can decorate your special beach towel!

flying-griffin-myfolkart-paintings blue-bird-myfolkart-paintings

                           Aren’t they look great?

Continue reading “Ready for an… ancient-new beach towel?”