Carved handmade jewelry


Carved Spiral pendant. One of the most ancient symbols, the spiral, has been used from many civilizations since the late Stone Age, and also can be found anywhere in the universe. Small €7.00 Large €9.00 BUY NOW on our shop
Handmade carved necklace. The Infinity symbol wooden pendant is a hand made carved necklace that shows a snake eating its own tale.This symbol of the snake shaping the symbol of infinite is an ancient symbol originated, at least, back in 1600 B.C. and it is called “Ouroboros” (=snake eating its tale)
The infinite symbol is carved on a slice of Greek olive tree wood, that come from regular pruning of the olive trees. It is slightly smoothed, carved, burned slightly and varnished both sides, all by hand.
1 Unique piece €9.00 (BUY NOW on our shop)