Pebbles jewelry

Nature’s heart. A sea pebble pendant, naturally shaped as an uneven heart, in light green color. It is held by a brown cotton waxed cord. 1 unique piece €7.00 BUY NOW on our shop
Heart sea pebble pendant. The heart pendant is a sea pebble naturally shaped as heart. It has beautiful natural lines and colors. It is held by a cotton black cord (adjustable)
1 unique piece €7.00 BUY NOW on our shop
Natural sea pebble pendant. The dark grey pebble is smoothly carved, held by a light brown cotton adjustable cord. Lightly polished with handmade sealant, just to bright up the natural stone colors.
1 unique piece
Natural sea pebble pendant. The brown sea pebble pendant is held on a handmade cotton adjustable cord. The sea pebble is absolutely natural, just slightly polished with handmade sealant of bees wax and olive oil.
1 unique piece